Ways To Connect

Small Groups
Our small group’s ministry is intentional gatherings of three to twelve people who meet regularly for the purpose of discovering and growing in Christ. Whether your need is for study, support or fellowship, the ‘small group’ provides a caring, personal environment for fellowship, encouragement, and connection with Freedom Church.
Scripture is studied and applied, burdens are shared, victories are celebrated, and lives are changed. Many people tend to think that there’s nothing special about ‘small groups.’ The fact is that we learn some of our most powerful Christian lessons by having interacted with a small group of Christian believers.
In a small group, you will…
Dig deeper into God’s word…
Build a community of believers…
Sharpen your focus on God’s purpose.
To be connected with a small group call the church at (530) 677-7212 or email us at office@freedomchurchcp.org
Other Ways to Connect…
At Freedom Church, we are much more connected in relationships ‘outside’ of the church facilities, that’s why we have all kinds of ways for you to get connected with other people who can support and encourage you through the highs and lows of life.
God never intended that the walk of faith should be a walk alone. His followers are to walk in authentic community with one another. When you become a Christian, you become part of the body of Christ in two important ways. First, you are one with Christ, and His Spirit indwells us. Second, you are part of the “church,” the collective group of Christ’s followers (1 Corinthians 12:27). Taking the step to become a member of Freedom Church shows that you are committed to growing these relationships, enabling you to deepen your commitment and connection to the local body of Christ, as well as acknowledge the spiritual truth that you are connected to Christ and one another.
Ministry Groups
Men and women gather regularly in Bible study groups for prayer and fellowship. These various groups meet at different times throughout the month and year, so we encourage you to take a quick glance out our church calendar to discover the events or groups that interest you the most.
Worship Ministry
If you love creative arts, then Freedom Church is a fantastic place for you to use your skills and talents. If you are Interested in plugging into our Creative Arts Ministries, then contact Pastor Timothy at pastortimothy@freedomchurchcp.org.
While the church or ministry organization needs leaders responsible for the big picture, it also needs leaders in all areas of the ministry. God uses certain types of leaders to prepare us for those good works (Ephesians 4:11-12) and others to coordinate those good works. Still, others will be used to show us what those good works may be. Hence, three types of leadership are essential for the church to accomplish the work God has for us to do.
The purpose of Volunteer Ministries is to place the right people in the right places for the right reasons. Just as the human body cannot function properly unless the eyes, ears, and hands each do their part, so the Body of Christ–the Church–cannot function as God intended without each believer doing his or her part. This ministry has been created to assist you in the identification of your God-given passion, spiritual gifts, and personal style so that you can make your unique contribution in a meaningful place of service.